BU Spirit & Gear

Bellarmine House Flag
Purchase a Bellarmine University House Flag to adorn your home and support the Knights! Flags are available through the Alumni Association Office at a discounted rate of $35. You may pick-up your order from the Alumni Office or ship to your home. Click here to order your Bellarmine Flag!

Bellarmine University Class Ring
The great traditions of Bellarmine now exist in more than just our memories but represented through the official Bellarmine ring. The shield, which represents our core values and traditions, is prominently featured. The helmet of the Bellarmine Knight, our official mascot, sits atop the shield. At the juncture of the four quadrants appears the fleur de lis, the emblem of our home, the beautiful City of Louisville. We hope you proudly wear this lasting symbol of your connection to your alma mater. To order, call Josten's customer service center at 800-488-2173. Or, click here to order your ring online.


Bellarmine University License Plates
Bellarmine license plates – best looking tags around -- are available wherever motor vehicle registrations are renewed. This plate not only gives your ride that certain je ne sais quoi, it also supports scholarships! When you go to renew your tags at the county clerk’s office just ask for a Bellarmine University license plate. The plates will cost $44 the first time, and renewal is only $31.

Bellarmine University Bookstore
A wide variety of Bellarmine University apparel and accessories are available through the Bellarmine University Bookstore. Support the Knights and wear with pride! Click here for link to the Bellarmine Bookstore.


Become a Voce Forte Member
Love sharing great news about Bellarmine? Voce Forte members are a select group of Bellarmine Aficionados – students, alumni and community leaders who share an undying passion for all things Bellarmine. Together we are the voice behind the vision for the future of our school! Want to add to our voice? Click here to become a member.